So you want to know more about us?
Sit down, relax, and make yourself at home. Comfortable? Fantastic.
How’s the temperature in here? Glad to hear it. Need anything – a snack, cold drink, or bowl of creative strategy?
Ahhhhh. We thought you would. So let’s talk.

See, at Refraction Group, we’ve crafted our design studio to match the creative needs of our clients. That means our creative thinking has a boatload of science backing it up (a little pairing we like to call “intelligent design”), from the latest research in retail and environmental marketing to a deep understanding of consumer behavior matched with state-of-the-art production technologies. We merge targeted messaging with eye-catching aesthetics to make sure you stand out from the proverbial crowd and inspire that “must have it now” mood in your consumers.

You’ve got projects. We’ve got ideas.

We don’t just ask you for marching orders and then re-emerge a few days later with the perfectly fitted design solution. We partner with you the entire way. Collaborate with your team from strategic planning and conceptualization through press-ready execution. Then check back to make sure you’re getting the results we targeted for at the beginning of the creative process – all while keeping your budget in mind. Winning consumer response and increasing sales is why more and more marketers are showing up on our doorstep. Extreme creative challenges? Bring ‘em on.

Complex multi-touch marketing campaign? Tough-to-reach consumer product packaging? We’ve got this. And so will you.

• Strategic Design & Concept Development


• Retail Display & Environmental Graphics

• Consumer Packaging & Full Implementation

• Direct Marketing Campaigns

• POP/POS Display & Promotion

• Corporate Identity & Collateral

• Marketing & Sales Collateral

• New Product Launch & PR Kits

• Catalog Design

• Photo Art Direction

• Brand Identity Development, Rebranding & Brand Management

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